Testing App with Pagination on List of elements

so problem is, when im testing my app i have a UIATable with a list of objects, this table uses pagination, when i go to select say the second element, pagination kicks in and screws up the selecting process, mind you that its suppose to happen when you scroll to the last element, (which is off screen) has anyone gotten around the pagination issues?
running appium server 1.6
java bindings 3.3, cant really upgrade due to my project in grails wont let me.
but i have tried with the latest bindings like 5.x and still exists.

had same issue in Simulator. fixed in iOS code. the idea is to check that center of last item really on screen.

        #if DEBUG
        // workaround for automated simulator build when it asking all items
        if RunningInSimulator {
            let rectOfCellInTableView = tableView.rectForRowAtIndexPath(indexPath)
            let rectOfCellInSuperview = tableView.convertRect(rectOfCellInTableView, toView: tableView.superview)
            guard rectOfCellInSuperview.center.y < UIScreen.mainScreen().bounds.height else {

yea i just commented it out on mine source code but i was hoping for a solution that doesn’t involve changing the source code at all