Testing with multiple Android emulators with Appium 1.7.x

I’d like to try out the new Appium server feature of “Support multiple simultaneous sessions in Android”, but haven’t found any clear directions to set this up.

Right now my Android project (Java/TestNG) runs locally (Appium Desktop 1.2.3/Appium server 1.7.1) on a Mac with one (Android Studio) emulator and I’d really like to speed things up by having 2 or more emulators executing a test suite. (I realize there is a TestNG config to accomplish this task but was interested in trying out the new 1.7.x feature).

Can somebody give guidance on what and where these changes need to be made? Do I have to define a second emulator in the capabilities for “deviceName”? Any changes needed to add the Appium Server or the TestNG suites? Any specific version of the java client required?