Text not coming in DOM

Upon connecting to the device, the text does not appear in the App source until certain actions are executed. I have included the DOM when the page is initially loaded and after performing some actions.

This Img shows when page load for first time (left side) and after performing actions (right side).

Capabilities given:

Can someone please provide your inputs here.

Welcome to the appium forums. Hope you can get clues as to what you need help overcoming/automating, and that you will stay and share what you have learned with others as well.

This feels like a “duck” question https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubber_duck_debugging. ‘until certain actions are executed…’ are you not just describing the normal app behaviour? Unless someone can perform a long distance Vulcan mind meld, then not much advice we can give if you do not tell us what these “actions” are. All I’m guessing is that your app is a native app, is that correct?

Thank you for looking into this.
Performing actions in the sense, on clicking back button and clicking on cancel button in the warning popup, Then text is coming in DOM. And the app using is not a native app.

warning pop-up? do you have a screenshot of that? is it a android system dialog?
Yeah, some system dialogs cannot be interacted with when you use the driver in some modes.

Not only actions, also taking some time (1-2 min) to load the source with the “text” value. We are using hybrid application, also are there any guidelines for using hybrid application?