Textbox restricts input of certain characters but sendKeys and setValue can override this function?

Our app has a login using mobile number feature and the textbox restricts input to only numbers. Using an actual device or an emulator, I am unable to input letters, spaces, or special characters. However, when using automation tests, both sendKeys and setValue are able to input the illegal characters.

Is there a reason for this? And is there another way for me to test field validation for my automated tests?

use keyboard and type your text to reproduce 100% user behavior.

  1. tap on input
  2. keyboard will open and use:
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Thanks! It’s getting the job done, but I’m getting a warning that getKeyboard().sendKeys() is deprecated. Is there another possible way?

Update: The documentation for getKeyboard().sendKeys said to look in the Actions class and I found a way.
Actions a = new Actions(driver);



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did not know. thanks.

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