The apk which is implemented by python(kivy) dosent working with appium

I am facing an issue regarding automation testing.
i am implementing test cases by using an apk which is implemented by buildozer (backend coding of apk is python and kivy is the gui ). so whenever i am trying to inspect elements of this apk , appium wont allowed me to inspect the single element. it is selecting the whole page of screen. i think appium is considering whole apk as a single element that’s why it wont allow me to inspect single element.
but is this right issue , why it doesn’t allow me to inspect the single element ,please guys help.

Try and compare any other inspector. e.g. native Android “uiautomatorviewer”.

i already used uiautomatorviewer , same probelm occurring with it.

so how can Appium fix this while it uses same?
Does your app has webViews?

No it only support android and desktop views.

android app can have webViews. WebView will be shown as SINGLE element if it not enable for debug.
so if you cant check it -> ask android developers to confirm.

see the problem i am facing with appium.

expand all tree to see what next to second android.widget.LinearLayout

no ideas. ty ask developer.

Anyother tool to inspect this kind of applications ?