The App Source is displayed upto WebView, so I am unable to inspect the elements on the Android build through Appium Inspector, but I'm able to inspect the iOS build. Developed on the Ionic 6 framework


ask dev to enable debug of webview in test app

@Aleksei Thanks for your response, i will ask Dev team.

@Aleksei the build is already running in debug mode.

cant see here. need example like:

when you open chrome://inspect/#devices with Chrome browser on computer that connected to Android phone.

Also check your Appium version to be latest + latest android driver.

@Aleksei We are able to see the com.tlcgroup.customer.prestigeclub Webview in the chrome://inspect/#devices. Please check the picture below.

Already have latest Appium version and latest android driver.

Thank you.

maybe try to add

capabilities.setCapability("enableMultiWindows", true);

@Aleksei It’s not working.
Thank you.