The differences between work environment for Android and i.o.s (Iphone)

Hello Friendsץ

I’m doing automation test for Android APP. I Install the APPIUM , JAVA , NOAD and using intellij to write my Class Test (with JAVA) on my PC I’m also using UiAutomator to capture screen shots of my APP to found the ID and class
name …Everything works fine without problems.

I Need to start making automation test for i.o.s (Iphone).

Can someone please explain to me what the differences are between Android and IOS ? About the work environment?
Can I use my PC ? Can i use my Appium that install on my pc ? Can i use intellij to write the test ?
Can i do Do development for i.o.s automation usin JAVA ?

I’m sorry for the many questions. As you probably realize I do not have much knowledge about write automation for IPHONEץ I would be happy for explain, or even refer to an article or film how to create a work environment
for IOS Automation

Thanks !!

Hey gilb,

Just answering few of your questions.
You will need a mac machine to write automation test scripts for iOS, if your PC is a Windows machine, it won’t help. You can use java for iOS automation.


Hi Angel !

First of all thanks for yours response!

o.k. I need mac machine. what about all the class that i to create the test for my Android APP ? Can i use them ?
Do the installation of APPIUM will be the same like i install in Windows PC ? Is the way I use to get Element ID from my Android APP will be the same in i.o.s ?

Thanks !

Hi @anshenoy @gilb
Please Reply. i am also stuck with the same problem. i also have written test script for android. I know same business logic will apply for IOS. but i am unable to get the locator for IOS. Like in Android i use UIAutomator but what should i use for the IOS??? please Help…


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@Jassi_Kaushik ,
You can use Appium Inspector on your mac machine to identify elements.
I have not used it though, as currently I am only focusing on Android scripts on Windows.
Although the overall Appium and environment setup on MAC machine is very diferent and bit complex, Appium Inspector offers you ready made xpath too, so its easy on the other hand :slight_smile: