The version of Appium and Appium client app

I am new to Appium and just confused by the Appium version.
Appium latest version is 1.6.5 here:
But on Appium website, the latest version of client app is 1.0.2:

Are they the same? If we run automation, which one do we choose?

I installed the 1.0.2 and it works, so what about the other one?

There are at least three entities with which we interact:-

  1. Appium Server: latest version 1.6.5, Purpose: to receive commands from client bindings and send it to mobile device

  2. Appium desktop: latest version 1.0.2, Purpose: to inspect objects of the app under test

  3. Appium client binding, latest version: 5 Beta 8 (java), Purpose: to write commands to perform various actions on the app

each of these components work along with other

Thank you for your response.
I am wondering for us writing automation with appium, is it enough to just install appium desktop app?
Start server and then I can run automation.
Appium desktop app should talk to the server.
So what do we use Appium server locally?

we can start / stop appium server programmatically by using AppiumDriverLocalService class, but we can’t launch appium desktop then launch server programmatically (at least through appium) which leaves manual dependency in an automation script.

I see, so if I just manually start/stop the appium server from appium client app, then it’s fine
If I want to start/stop the appium server from automation script, then it’s better git clone appium locally and run from code, right?

no need to clone appium from git, just perform below steps to install appium server:-


  1. launch terminal and type below commands
  2. brew install node (if brew is not already installed, then just google how to install brew in mac)
  3. npm install -g appium


  1. download node from and install it
  2. open command prompt and type below command
  3. npm install -g appium

once installation is done you can verify it, process is same for both platforms:-

  1. open terminal / command prompt and type
  2. appium (this will start appium server)
    if you get Welcome to Appium… message everything goes well, and to close appium server just press Ctrl + c keys

Check these videos for Appium Server and Appium Desktop installation:

Appium Server Installation:

Appium Desktop Installation:


When ever i launch appium desktop and give desired capabilities and try to start session, it give me error “An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command. Original error: Unable to launch WebDriverAgent because of xcodebuild failure: xcodebuild failed with code 65 xcodebuild error message: . Make sure you follow the tutorial at Try to remove the WebDriverAgentRunner application from the device if it is installed and reboot the device.”

Here are the desired capabilities i give,
“platformName”: “iOS”,
“deviceName”: “iPhone 11 Pro”,
“app”: “”,
“automationName”: “XCUITest”,
“udid”: “xxxx”(actual udid)

Can anyone please help?