The way of update Appium on MAC

Hi Guys,

Until now, i still have no clear idea about how to upgrade appium. For exapmple, now i have installed the appium by node and the appium version is 1.4.12.

If i want to update to 1.4.13. What are the steps i need to perform on MAC ? Are the below step are correct ?

  1. npm uninstall -g appium
  2. npm install -g appium@latest

Or i just use below:
npm install -g appium@latest

Thanks in advance

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Easiest way to install, uninstall, or keep multiple versions of appium is with avm (appium version manager).You can read this page: . Hope this helps.

Thanks, @AmitSharma
That’s really help.

npm install appium -g
should do good in mac, it will automatically install the latest version of Appium

The above command installs 1.x version of Appium. If you had already Appium 2.0.x, it would override that and installs the old 1.x version. Please make a note of this.