There should way to add tags to query asked by someone else


I think there needs to be a feature to allow other users to add tag to query created by other user as well.

Also adding tag needs to be made mandatory say #android #iOS #java #ruby etc

This way one can search all the queries asked for particular platform

Please review

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Oh yes! I have been encouraging posters to add tags whenever I can.
I think modifying tags takes some permissions on the forum. I will see if I can set you as a moderator if you want to be one :smile:

Hi Jonahss,

sorry I think my question / suggestion was not very clear.

I wanted to suggest feature similar to Stack Overflow users can add “#tag” to any of the question.

Also , both these will be nice to have.

Please review.

Thanks & Regards,

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Tags are implemented using this discourse plugin.
You can see in the README that only moderators and admins can edit them right now? You can post a github issue, or comment on this thread

I agree it would be nice for anybody to add tags…

Thanks Jonahss for your opinion.

I’ve created new issue

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