To get all the elements from the Scrollable list

Problem Statement: I need to validate and get all the country name from a scrollable view
Background: There is a Scrollable view refreshes and loads new data shown I swipe.

Thanks in Advance.

I believe you can write common xpath which can return country names.

If you can show xml dump of screen we can try …

@Chhavi_Singh with android you can see what is on screen and nothing more. as workaround you can scroll and add names to list and check list after.

it is like … if I do get by classname it will fetch up to the elements visible on screen… after swipe down the list will refresh…the container is same only data refreshes…

There are more country list which will loaded upon swipe down.

Write a script that fetches all elements from RecyclerView. Save those elements to List and you will also need current last country from a list. Then scroll down, and save to List only those that are below the previous last Country. -Repeat steps (until previous last country is the same as current last country).

tengo ese mismo problema, como pudiste resolverlo ?