Too long delay on findElement

I’m testing a conversation app that has a voice note component, where you can click on the voice note SeekBar to play it from that point.
There are two situations:

  1. I click play, then click on the SeekBar: It will start playing, then skip to the point I clicked and continue playing.

  2. I click on the SeekBar, then click play: The voice note indicator will jump to the point I clicked but remain paused, and then will play when I click to play it.

The problem is:
On situation 1, the findElement method (on androidDriver) takes way too long to find the SeekBar element while the voice note is playing. I’ve tested with a 1 minute-long voice note and it didn’t return until the voice note finished. Once it finishes playing, the component returns pretty much instantly.
When I try to click the SeekBar without the voice note playing, it goes instantly.

So my question is: What might be causing that delay on the findElement method to fetch the component?

Obs: The SeekBar has a text that shows the current time played, so it updates every few milliseconds. Maybe that amount of refreshes in the text is causing the delay?