Touch actions failing for android automation after upgrading from appium 2.1 to 2.5 version

Hi Team,

I was using the - [email protected] and Appium server 2.1 version and with respect to that I was able to perform automation successfully but recently I upgraded my Appium server from 2.1 version to 2.5 version and now I am not able to perform any of the actions like tap, touch , swipe etc on the android physical devices

Kindly guide me for the same.

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Best way to solve such issues is to read documentation and change logs for things you update. TouchActions was in deprecated status, and it should be highlighted in your IDE

Unfortunately you didn’t specify which client you are using, but for example on the dot-net and python clients page it is highlighted that once again you need to go to Action/ActionChains did some research for your client.
Hope it helps.

I WANT *to ensure that our test automation suite is always compatible with the latest versions of Appium

SO THAT we can maintain the reliability and effectiveness of our automated testing processes across all android applications we develop or maintain

I am using dot-net client. Could you please share me a link for documentation for the same, if possible.

Github is a great place to find documentation:

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Just in case Action allow it use in old way without “sequences”

something like that

   new Actions(Driver)
                .MoveToLocation(startx ,starty)
                .MoveToLocation(endx ,endy)

@manoj_a Which version of Webdriver agent to use?

Webdriver agent 5.14.0 worked for me @Siva_Subramani