TouchAction problems with CoordinatorLayout

So basically I have an issue with drag/drop using TouchAction on CoordinatorLayout

The app I am trying to test has a part of screen that needs to be pulled upwards so you can enter data.
The problem is appium sees the pull action as done but in reality no action is taken.

I have made a simple method for pulling the CoordinatorLayout up

public void drag(WebElement el1, String direction) {

    TouchAction drag = new TouchAction(d);
        int startX = el1.getLocation().getX();
        int startY = el1.getLocation().getY();
        int endY = startY - 500;
        drag.longPress(PointOption.point(startX,startY)).waitAction(waitOptions(ofMillis(2000))).moveTo(PointOption.point(startX, endY)).perform().release();

Now this works everywhere, and I mean everywhere in the app except on CoordinatorLayout.

Is there a way to switch focus on that layout? Or frame? I have seen these kinda issues around on internet but no one answered them yet

Pls help, tyvm