Travis -> Appium Instruments crash exit code 250

Hey all,

While trying to execute Appium Code against Sauce Labs simulators for iOS I am having trouble with instruments crashing (go figure). However, this seems to be a pretty reproducible in one configuration where we are having Travis CI trigger a sauce labs test and execute the test code as part of a CI run.

Appium Logs:
134562015-05-13 01:06:26:249 - info: [debug] [INST STDERR] Instruments Trace Error : Failed to load document ‘file:///tmp/appium-instruments/instrumentscli0.trace’ : (Error Code=-6 “Document Missing Template Error: The operation couldn’t be completed. ( error -6.)”)
134572015-05-13 01:06:26:290 - info: [debug] [INSTSERVER] Instruments exited with code 250
134582015-05-13 01:06:26:290 - info: [debug] Killall instruments
134592015-05-13 01:06:26:294 - info: [debug] Instruments crashed on startup
134602015-05-13 01:06:26:294 - info: [debug] Attempting to retry launching instruments, this is retry #2
134612015-05-13 01:06:26:294 - info: [debug] Killall iOS Simulator

I can include more Appium logs for sure but I am not aware of an easy way to get some of these logs in. Any help is appreciated.

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