Trying to setup appium on selenium grid

Failing to register Appium on Selenium grid.
kubectl logs pod/selenium-node-appium-674d889cd5-gcl65

  • daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
  • daemon started successfully
    Devices found: 0
    [Appium] Welcome to Appium v1.22.0
    [Appium] Non-default server args:
    [Appium] logFile: /var/log/appium.log
    [Appium] nodeconfig: /root/nodeconfig.json
    [debug] [Appium] Starting auto register thread for the grid. Will try to register every 5000 ms.
    [Appium] Appium REST http interface listener started on
    [Appium] An attempt to register with the grid was unsuccessful: connect ECONNREFUSED
    [debug] [Appium] Hub down or not responding: connect ECONNREFUSED

Can someone advise on above error. I am trying to setup appium on grid 4 and when I try to register, I am getting error.


I have tried but luck, do you have any reference which you used and it worked.

This is how I made it work on MacOS (but seems same on Windows)… with help from posts Aleksei refernces above.

  1. Run appium. Just default. However you do it. Currently I’m running the MacOS app. I I just run Start Server.
  2. Create config.toml as below. Note I’m running iPhone(simulator) and Android(emulator) and (ftw) also Chrome desktop
  3. Start Selenium
    java -jar selenium-server-4.1.1.jar standalone --config config.toml
  4. Bob’s your uncle

detect-drivers = false
display-name = “Chrome”
stereotype = “{“browserName”: “chrome” }”

url = "http://localhost:4723/wd/hub"
configs = [
  "1", "{\"browserName\": \"chrome\", \"platformName\": \"android\", \"appium:platformVersion\": \"11\"}",
  "1", "{\"browserName\": \"Safari\", \"platformName\": \"iOS\", \"appium:platformVersion\": \"15.2\"}"

And a little java to connect to iPhone:

SafariOptions iphoneOptions = new SafariOptions();
iphoneOptions.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.PLATFORM_NAME, "iOS");
iphoneOptions.setCapability("appium:deviceName", "iPhone 12 Pro Max");
iphoneOptions.setCapability("appium:automationName",  "XCUITest");
iphoneOptions.setCapability(MobileCapabilityType.BROWSER_NAME, "safari");
iphoneOptions.setCapability("appium:platformVersion", "<udid>");		
iphoneOptions.setCapability("safari:useSimulator", true);
iphoneOptions.setCapability("appium:platformVersion", "15.2");

RemoteWebDriver driver = new RemoteWebDriver("http://localhost:4444", iphoneOptions);