Trying to work with 2 drivers at a time for macOS application

I am trying to use 2 drivers one is for outlook and one is for zoom macOS application.
Question here is can we use 2 drivers at a time?
if trying to do so getting session time out issue. May it is happing because of hitting same URL.
public void setDriver() throws InterruptedException, MalformedURLException {
DesiredCapabilities Outlookcapabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();
Outlookcapabilities.setCapability(“platformName”,“mac” );
Outlookcapabilities.setCapability(“deviceName”, “Mac OS X”);
Outlookcapabilities.setCapability(“automationName”, “mac2”);
Outlookcapabilities.setCapability(“showServerLogs”, true);
DesiredCapabilities Zoomcapabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();
Zoomcapabilities.setCapability(“platformName”,“mac” );
Zoomcapabilities.setCapability(“deviceName”, “Mac OS X”);
Zoomcapabilities.setCapability(“automationName”, “mac2”);
//capabilities.setCapability(“bundleId”, “”);
Zoomcapabilities.setCapability(“showServerLogs”, true);
Zoomdriver = new AppiumDriver(new URL(“”), Zoomcapabilities);
Outlookdriver = new AppiumDriver(new URL(“”), Outlookcapabilities);

No, this won’t work

If it is necessary to work with multiple apps then create single driver instance and switch between these apps: GitHub - appium/appium-mac2-driver: Next-gen Appium macOS driver, backed by Apple XCTest