TTS workaround iOS

The application under test uses a function for people with disabilities (text-to-speech), in connection with this, the inspector determines the nested elements of the block (for example, cell) as one element.

In this case, this complex element has no value, but only a name and a label with a value that is read to the user using the text-to-speech function.

Is it possible to configure appium to ignore this feature and show all nested elements?

Hardly you can configure Appium to ignore some elements. Can you find needed elements with Appium or using any other inspector?

Unfortunately getPageSource prints the same as the inspector.

Driver configuration is default:

XCUITestOptions options = new XCUITestOptions()
return new IOSDriver(config.getAppiumUrl(), options);

share with us some example of the source? Might make your context a bit more clear to us.