Type emojis to text field

I want to be able to send emojis to a text field using appium. I have googled and I have not seen anyone with a solution for my problem. I cant inspect the keyboard on the phone. If it is possible I can type code to press the keyboard. If anyone know how I can do this this would be to best solution. I write my appium code in python.

I have tried installing python emoji but it did not work. If Im on the phone I can go to this page and click the copy button and I can paste it on the text field. Anyone know what value this has and if I can just use the code and type it like \U0001f604 and encode it someway. I have spend 3 days on this and is still empty handed. Help would be much appreciated!

My backup plan is to create my own page and have the appium code go to my page paste a id that will make the page create a copy button like the one I showed with both the text I need and the emojis. But it seems like a bad and slow way to do it!

Android, iOS, both?

For android with unicodeKeyboard you just need to send the emoji normally with sendkeys:

capabilities.setCapability("unicodeKeyboard", true);
capabilities.setCapability("resetKeybord", true);

For iOS, I have a similar issue with more “complex” symbols:

Is this Java or ruby? Do you know how to do this in python? I tried but with no result