UI Autmator Viewer can't inspect elements of hybrid app

Hi guys.
I have emulator with Android 5.0.1 and Appium I’m working on C#. Why I can’t inspect elements in hybrid app?
I was looking for solution in Internet and I find WEBVIEW thing. So I added in my code:


and it doesn’t help. Help please! Thank you.

UI Automator is for native apps I guess

Any advise around this.
I have iOS Hybrid App (in short, it open HTML only inside native container). We are using Cordova. Appium UI Inspector failed to identify any element. If Appium Inspector does not support Hybrid app till yet (using Appium Version 1.4.13 with xcode 7.1) then is there any other way to identify elements? (like we have UIAutomatorViewer in Android).