UI element not found even though it's in DOM

Hello, I am working on the iOS automation scripts for a Kotlin Multiplatform based project. I mention KM because I’m not sure if it is related or not.

Anyway, I am encountering an issue where the Appium automation scripts are not seeing a UI element even though I am able to see it in the DOM when I check Appium Inspector. I perform a login function within the app, and depending on the state of the user’s account, this UI element (header type thing) will be displayed or not. As it relates to this question, the user is always in a state of where the header is supposed to appear.

Some things I’ve tried:

  • Setting various expected conditions for the header UI element (wait for visibility_of_element_located & presence_of_element_located, etc.)
  • adding sleep threads after the click action which takes the user to the page where the element is supposed to be rendered/displayed
  • navigating to another page in the app which contains the same UI header element, and trying to find it after that page load has occurred.

Does anyone have experience with writing automation scripts for Kotlin Multiplatform based projects? As I am 100% stuck on what to try next.

Can you explain what this is or get a screenshot? I’m truly not sure what this is. Maybe a screenshot from Inspector highlighting the element?