UIAutomator exited unexpectedly error


Scripts are failing with this exception. Could please look into this issue and explain the root cause for this issue.

[Logcat] Logcat terminated with code 0, signal null
07:07:50 V [UiAutomator] UiAutomator exited unexpectedly with code 0, signal null
07:07:50 V [debug] [UiAutomator] Moving to state ‘stopped’
07:07:50 V [debug] [AndroidDriver] Shutting down Android driver
07:07:50 V [Appium] Closing session, cause was ‘UiAUtomator shut down unexpectedly’.

Thanks in Advance,

@Gnaneshwar-ggk the root is mentioned before in logs :slight_smile:

Thank you @Aleksei

Do we have any fix or work around for this issue?. I am seeing this issue frequently when doing batch executions.

Is that issue from appium side or Android SDK?

@Gnaneshwar-ggk i do not know your issue. i just said that ROOT of fail should be in logs before. send it to see :slight_smile: