UIAutomatorViewer is missing in latest android studio

I have updated android studio and in the latest android studio uiautomator2 is missing
is there is any alternative of the this or am i missing something here

what path you checked for UIAutomatorViewer in Android Studio?

MacOS: check “cd $ANDROID_HOME/tools/bin”

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@Aleksei no such file or directory: /Users/love/Library/Android/sdk/tools/bin
tools/bin is missing

You don’t say what operating system, but the paths look like Linux or OS X. Here’s an article on installing the Android SDK for Windows, OS X (Mac), and Linux. It also has troubleshooting steps in case some files are missing:

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@wreed Thanks for the help

Missing = you did not install any sdk.

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Yes @Aleksei i was missing this
Now this issue is resolved thanks for your help

Hi @Aleksei, For my Appium project, I have downloaded the latest command line tools “commandlinetools-win-6858069_latest” and downloaded platform tools for Android-30 where I can see uiautomator.jar under \cmdline-tools\platforms\android-30 folder. How to use this jar file? Previously we used to have uiautomatorviewer.bat under tools/bin folder which can be executed by double click or from the command line. I am using Windows 10 and I haven’t installed SDK Studio.


i am with mac. and see it in:


BTW i switched to using LayoutInspector from android studio. With latest macOS uiautomatorviewer just stopped work. just create some blank android project. now see -> image
in right bottom. tap on it and select device in menu.

Thanks @Aleksei.
Let me wait to see some more advice here for WIN 10.

Facing the same issue

Try updating Android-SDK, for me the problem was sdk