"uiautomatorviewer" is now replaced with "monitor" starting with android studio 2.3

I saw that uiautomatorviewer is no longer available with Android Studio 2.3. There is another tool called “monitor” which has the option “Dump View Hierarchy for UI Automator”. It basically helps to view connected device’s current screen’s UI elements.

I just wanted a confirmation from someone in the Android Studio team. After someone confirms, this topic can probably be moved to the category - News.

Monitor seems to have more options and supplementary tools as compared to uiautomatorviewer. I am not sure if it was something already available in previous versions too.

Instead of using the command “uiautomatorviewer” in the terminal, we need to use the command “monitor” now. This is of course after making sure we have added the android sdk path in the environment variables.

This new tool monitor looks like this.

you are wrong :slight_smile: it just has another path now.
e.g. with mine Mac OS it is here:



Im new to Mac, I am able to identify the uiautomatorviewer location via terminal, Could you please help me how to open it?

This works fine.Thanks.able to locate ui automator.

This solution helps to find ui uiatomator in latest version of android studio.