UiAutomatorViewer not showing entire UI tree for app on AndroidTV

The problem

I am trying to analyze the UI components currently displayed on YouTube app in Android TV using UIAutomatorViewer


  • Appium version : 1-17-0
  • Desktop OS/version used to run Appium: MAC
  • Node.js version (exe): 12.16.2
  • Npm or Yarn package manager: npm
  • Mobile platform/version under test: Android TV
  • Real device or emulator/simulator: Real Device
  • Appium CLI or Appium.app|exe: Appium CLI


On Taking UI XML snapshot i am not able to capture entire UI components.The UI which is captured is mentioned in gist

Link to Appium logs

UI XML snapshot

Code To Reproduce Issue

Install YouTube app on Android TV
Open Ui Automator Viewer
Take UI XML Screenshot

i have the same issue with youtube and some more apps, did you solved it ? or found any workaround ?