Unable to access android device gallery and camera

Can we access android device gallery and camera?

If possible please share “How we can?”

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Hi Nitin,

I am able to access device gallery and camera through mobile app we are testing. Are you trying to access through a mobile app?

You can inspect using Appium inspector to get xpath for necessary photo you want to select. Use tap method to click on photo required.

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Hi Sujata,

I am trying to select file using mobile app.
Scenario is to “select profile pic from gallery”

Some how UI Automator Viewer is not able to identify any object there in.

Between: Is appium inspector is UI Automator Viewer only?
Please let me know how can I?

Thanks for the help !

Hi Nithin,

You can try Appium Inspector.

Use class for the layout elements to generate your xpath. Let me know if you need more details.


@ Sujata: Would like to know “How Can I use Appium inspector for android?”

Appium version -

Hi @Nitin_Thite,

You can use both UIAUTOMATORVIEWER from cmd prompt, or you can use Appium Inspector from Appium GUI Tool(Appium.exe ).

Thanks Bhaskar !

Was using the UI automator Viewer only but Appium inspector helped a lot in the cases.

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For those of you that have gotten this to work, was there anything special that you did in order to get the inspector to be able to find the correct XPATH for the gallery and photos? I have been trying to get this to work but to no avail. I have tried using the Precise Tap method as well, but it is not working either.