Unable to access getText() method

I am trying to test the android application using Appium. I want to read the value of the textview but I am unable to do so. I get getText() is not a function error . Following is my capabilities and code:

       const webdriverio = require('webdriverio');
       const assert = require('chai').assert;

       const options = {
       capabilities: {
              platformName: 'Android',
             automationName: 'UiAutomator2',
             deviceName: 'Android',
              app: "some.apk",
              appWaitActivity: 'com.example.HomeActivity',
              autoGrantPermissions: true,
              autoAcceptAlerts: true,
              fullReset: true,
           host: '',
           port: 4723

      describe('Start Test', function() {

         let client;
         before(async function() {
         client = await webdriverio.remote(options);

          it('get text in textview', async function() {
                element = await client.findElement('id', "com.example:id/screenMsg"); // element is the textView

            /* In the console, I get something like this
               { 'element-6066-11e4-a52e-4f735466cecf': '96ec3f2a-7378-4920-a59f- c43a62bc7a44',
               ELEMENT: '96ec3f2a-7378-4920-a59f-c43a62bc7a44' }
                It means the textView is identified.

               value = await element.getText(); // TypeError: element.getText() is not a function.