Unable to access ios app custom view elements using appium

We trying to automate an ios app built on React Native
We could launch the app and click on the splash screen element(Which is not built in custom view).
But on login screen(Custom view) we are unable to click/access any element from that screen

When we try to inspect any element, we see whole screen selected(See below screenshot-Green outline shows the region which gets selected after inspecting any element)

We also added accessibilityLables for every custom view element
As per below link, we set accessible = false for parent component and accessible = true for child elements
(Note - We are calling child elements from parent view like props.children)

But still we can not access elements

Code snippet:

<View accessible={false} accessibilityLabel={‘MainContainer’} testID={‘testMainContainer’}>

<View style={[Styles.mainContainer, props.style]} accessible={false} accessibilityLabel={‘MainContainerView’} testID={‘testMainContainerView’}>

(Note - accessible = true for childerns)

Currently to work on this issue we have removed the custom view and added the simple view in the app UI layout. And we are able to access all the elements now.
Still the issue persist with custom view. Any suggestion would be a great help.