Unable to automate certain elements using appium in android

appium - 1.2.3
android - 4.4.2

java client - 1.2.0

Unable to automate certain elements using appium in android
say that exclamation icons
and message please enter valid imsi number

Is it native or hybrid app?

hi kirill please let me know how can to identify whether an app is native or hybrid provide any links so that i can say you

An App is native if it only uses the native elements of the OS in it and nothing else.

A web app as the name suggests is just a website you open from your mobile browser.

A hybrid app is something in between, something that uses the native OS elements while having an embedded browser called webview that opens a URL.

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Exactly. Basically, native app doesn’t contain any webview(s), hybrid app does’t contain webview(s) as part of native part. Web based app is just website designed for mobile devices.


how to find if an app uses native elements of OS
or how can we know if using an embedded browser

If you are using an embedded browser, you will find an element called Webview when you are inspecting elements.

@Hassan_Radi iam using uiautomator to identify elements, i don’t know internal code now tell me

You don’t have to know the internal code, just keep an eye for an element in the uiautomation tree that is called WEVVIEW, if you encounter one, then you are using a hybrid app, otherwise you are using a native app.

i did not find any element in uiautomation tree that is web view hence it is a native app @Hassan_Radi

@kirill its a native app followed comments of hassan_Radi please provide me any solution to automate elements mentioned

Just to make sure check available contexts and to get the code, you can call page source method.

@kirill those elements not displayed in page source method