Unable to automate Native IOS system profile on real device

My environment:
• Appium 1.4.1 (npm & source), iPhone 5s (7.1.1), Mac OS 10.9.5, Xcode 6.1.1, SafariLauncher
• Appium prepared for using device real safari (./reset.sh --ios --real-safari)
• SafariLauncher built with proper developer account and provisioning profile(which include mine device)
I’m trying to automate Profile Installation on iOS but i can’t workaround problem i have faced with native system popups. My case is quite simple:

  1. On real device visit webpage (SafariLauncher)
  2. Click button on that page which invokes profile installation
  3. Switch to NATIVE_APP view
  4. Go through “Installing Profile” process (managed by accepting system popups)
    What i was able to do:
    1 OK
    2 OK
    3 OK. Below you can see that after switching to NATIVE_APP view appium inspector is able to see native screen with all elements properly 

Is it possible to automate iOS native system popups on real device?

I have blocked with this issue and unable to move forward to automate my IOS APP.

Could you please help me on the this …