Unable to automate payement method

  1. From my application I click on proceed
  2. Then I navigate to Payment Gateway which has developed in WebView,
  3. I am using GetContext method of android driver but only one context “NATIVE_APP” I am getting,

here in this webview I have to add card details once the card details are filled buy now button gets enabled.
I am able to enter the card values but the issue is buy now button is not getting enabled. I am using emulator to execute my scripts.
When I am entering the value manually buy now button is getting enabled
below is the code snippet. all the payment details is code under //android.widget.FrameLayout/android.webkit.WebView


Can any one please help me here. Trying to solve this issue from last couple of days.

Still has issue? Tried tap on input fields first and then enter values with keyboard?

yes, I was able to solve the issue. filled all the fields first and then clicked on date field. by doing that buy now button got enabled.