Unable to capture the element in iOS devices in Appium Full screen is getting inspected


I have been trying to capture the elements in particular pages of a react native application, but I’m only able to see a single element which is covering the whole text, I have tested in Android, where the element capturing is working fine and also in the Accessibility Inspector.

I have tried many solutions increasing the snapshotMaxDepth still I’m unable to capture the elements, Kindly give us your thoughts about this. attaching the configuration of the app and appium logs while inspecting the page.

Appium Version: 1.91
React 16.13.1
React native 0.63.2
react-navigation": “^4.4.0”,
“react-navigation-animated-switch”: “^0.5.11”,
“react-navigation-shared-element”: “^3.0.0”,
“react-navigation-stack”: “^2.8.2”,

how about native xCode inspector?

Sorry @Aleksei for the late reply. In xcode Accessibility inspector. I’m able to inspect the elements, where as in Appium Inspector I’m not able to Inspect

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@Vrk_Forever have you found any solution. i am facing same issue.

we do facing same issue any solution MR @Aleksei

I’m facing this issue too. Tried with both Appium Inspector and Xcode accessibility inspector but only the full page is returned as a webview.

accessibilityLabel is set to the selectors.

Appium: 1.22.3
Xcode: 14.2