Unable to click an button by using UIAutomator

Deal folks,

I’m using AppiumDriver testing hybrid (webview) app.
when running the automation code, I found my target button, but actually, I’m unable to click it.

I used UIAutomator to analyze the UI hierarchy, the UIAutomator found the button.
But, the focus position of the button which marked by a red rectangle, is not on the same location of the button that the button displayed.

Say, the button at the bottom of the Android screen, but the focus is out of screen in the UI Automator.
So, when doing element.click(), it clicks on the position out of screen.

Does anybody know how to fix this kind of issue?
Why the focus didn’t show up exactly on the button, but far away?

Best Regards,
Lucas Luo

Thats interesting. Can you post the appium logs? I wonder why it clicks in a different place.

I used to have very similar problem with TestComplete. Can you confirm whether you have a pc with 2 graphic cards?

I got the same problem.