Unable to click on element

I am trying to click on element but unable to click.

Appium Version: 1.22.3
Platform: Android
Device: Samsung Galaxy A51(Tried with multiple devices)
OS Version: Android 10.0(Tried with different OS)
Java Client: 7.5.1
Appium Inspector Tool Version: 2022.11.1
Programming Language: Java

Note: I tried to fetch DOM, but Elements are not loading. To overcome this issue, tried below ways.

  1. Added hard wait, implicit, explicit and fluent wait before clicking on element- Did not work
  2. Coming to back screen/page and again click the option- Did not work
  3. Clicking somewhere on the screen(Using coordinate’s and then tried to fetch DOM) and then click on the desire option- Did not work
  4. Refresh- Did not work.
  5. JavaScript Executor- Did not work
  6. Using touch action- Did not work
  7. Using tap option- Did not work

//*[@text=‘Select a bank’]//following-sibling::android.view.View//android.widget.EditText

Note: Tried with Multiple xpath but as DOM is not loading, so that will not work.

Can someone please help me to solve this issue? Let me know if you need some more info.

try just by classname above. You have only one edit input on screen.

@Aleksei I already checked this xpath using “android.widget.EditText”. In my case DOM is not loading, so this will not work.

Note: When I am trying to identify locator’s through Appium inspector tool, I am able to see locators for previous screen(Not for the current black screen). but If you see in the attached screenshot(Black screen, I unable to see any locators like Select a bank, search icon, cross icon etc. in the DOM)

you have tried with:
1)WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait(driver, Duration.ofSeconds(5)); wait.until(ExpectedConditions.attributeContains(driver.findElement(By.xpath("//android.widget.TextView[@text=Select a bank’’]")),“text”, “Select a bank”));

  1. By.xpath("//android.widget.TextView[@text=‘Select a bank’]")

3)you are able to do this steps normally on emulator? you could talk with
development team

@Giuma, As you mentioned, I have already tried first two options. For Option 3, On Emulator also I am not able to click. Basically, DOM is not loading, tried with driver.getPageSource();

When I checked the DOM page source, It shows previous screen’s element. Ideally, it should display current page element’s in DOM.

maybe the elements are hidden, i think you clould talk with your development team to see how their implemented this page

@Giuma, Thanks for your reply.

It seems, issue is from development team.

@Aleksei, @Giuma Do we have any alternative solution on this issue?