Unable to click on link on iOS application Appium 1.6.5, Xcode 8.3 iOS 10.3.2 MAC os - 10.12.6

I have done the appium ios setup using WebDriver agent. Now i am able to click on various links and buttons on the sign in page of the application.
But there is one link stating “Sign in with Email” which i am unable to click. I have tried all possible methods including xpath,id, class name, javascript executor, touch actions , pixel tap but i am unable to click on this particular link.
The same can be observed when i have to click on a particular place 7 times to have the hidden menu of different environments applications has.
I have attached the full appium logs and screenshot of the element attributes.

Also, when i was using java script executor , i am getting the same error of "Method not implemented " every time.Appium_logs.txt (17.8 KB)