Unable to click on pop up in Android - Appium

Iam not able to click on button on Pop up

i tried with clicking on ‘Ok’ button as you can seen in the attached pic with different xpath available in the UIAutomatorviewer as
@FindBy(how = How.XPATH, using ="//android.widget.Button[@bounds=’[768,1088][1032,1232]’ and @text=‘Ok’)]")
private WebElement pinOk ;
and even with the android event key method as 'driver.pressKeyCode(66)) but both didn’t work at all …
can you tell me please how to handle those kind of pop up …
appreciate if any one can help out

give a try:

((AndroidElement) driver.findElements(MobileBy.id("positive_btn")).get(0)).click();


((AndroidElement) driver.findElements(MobileBy.id("com.wallet.client:id/positive_btn")).get(0)).click();

Is that a Web view with custom control or a native control ?

Hey Aleksei. . Thanks for your replay…now its working fine with above code you provided

Hi @crujzo … Thanks for your replay… Its a Native control…