Unable to click/tap on ListView items which has attribute clickable false in Appium, Selenium 3, Java 8

Hi all,

I am automating an ecom android application using Appium v1.7.1, Appium java client 5.0.4 and Selenium 3.6.0 and Java 8

After searching a product in the mobile application, search listing page give us some search results in a ListView.

Observed - Only ListView attribute Clickable property is “True”. All the entities inside listview has Clickable False. Please refer below screenshots for more details.

All the elements inside listview has clickable property false as shown below:

I have tried below code:

AppiumDriver driver = new AppiumDriver(new URL(serverURL), capabilities);

@FindBy(id = “com.developmentnow.xcite:id/search_list_view”)
protected List searchResults;


new WebDriverWait(driver, PAGE_LOAD_TIME_OUT).until(ExpectedConditions.visibilityOf(element));


Note: this is not the complete code sequence, it’s for reference only.

It seems that click event is triggering and code is waiting for the next event to happen, like waiting for visibility of element to appear after click but actually nothing has happened after the click. I am stilling on the same page as shown in the first screenshot.

Can someone please help me with this.