Unable to click the button after selecting an item

i clicked on select category it opens a pop up with list of items to select.I selected beauty now after selecting i tried to click on Apply .its not able to click

But before selecting the category when i tried to click on the apply,it worked

Pls Reply and help me

i tried with below

Hi dipti,

I think driver focus was gone. First try to use explicit wait condition to get back focus on to the main screen then you call click action on Apply button. Hope this will help you.

i tried with 3 types of wait none of the working

What is the behavior of the app when you click on a selection (i.e. Beauty)?

Does the popup window go away when you click on your selection? When the FrameLayout/ListView is present, as shown in the second image, you shouldn’t be able to click Apply at that point, so it doesn’t surprise me that it fails.

	List<WebElement> listsdropdown=driver.findElements(By.className("android.widget.CheckedTextView"));
	for(WebElement dropdownlist:listsdropdown){
		String list=dropdownlist.getText();

//after this piece of code it selected “beauty” and pop up went away
//here i tried to click on the apply

even got the console out put could not able to find the element

As previously stated, you used waits to allow time for focus to be brought back to the window with tv_title_submit resource-id. At this point, I would start dumping page source every few seconds to verify the resource-id is not visible. Here’s some code we use to accomplish the search:

require 'nokogiri'

# Grab screen elements to determine if any of the named element exist
# field can be any type of field stored on the Android page in XML
# Example: elements_exist? 'resource-id', ['com.android.vending:id/uninstall_button',
#                                         'com.android.vending:id/launch_button']
# Note: The raw form of the field is used, i.e. with hyphens.
# Note: 'values' can be an array of regular expressions and/or strings
def elements_exist?(field, values)
  values = [values] unless values.class == Array
  # The display might not be ready to provide the page source
  wait = Selenium::WebDriver::Wait.new(timeout: 3)
  wait.until do
      @source = appium_driver.get_source
    rescue Selenium::WebDriver::Error::UnknownError
      log.debug "Can't obtain page source, try again"
  doc = Nokogiri::XML(@source)
  values.each do |value|
    return true if doc.to_s =~ /#{field}=\"#{value}\"/

Hi i am also facing the same issue as mention above can any one provide solution.

Thanks in advance