Unable to click the element with valid xpath

My code: driver.findElement(By.xpath(props.getProperty(“Set_PIN_Authentication”))).click();
my xpath: //android.view.View[@long-clickable=‘true’]
and I have tried with index, bounds, clickable also.

I want to click the element. Appium server is throwing 200 response with no error. But the element isn’t showing as clickable.

it is correct but this value have many elements in your app. so in code you find first one (which is NOT that you expecting :slight_smile: ) and do tap on it. Tap happens to wrong place. Story ends.

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But if the element field will be “- - - - - -” like above screenshot and sendkeys or setValue are showing the data in appium server but not showing in the screenshot. What will I do in this scenario?

It looks like you want to tap any _ so keyboard will appear. Correct?
Try find any more unique element inside… expand last View we see on screenshot. Share it here if you have problems.

Thanks, it worked. I used correct element as xpath with actions Key.