Unable to detect phone on DDMS but able to detect emulators

Set up and everything is done. But unable to detect the physical device. It doesnt show up on DDMS or onthe connected list of adb devices. Whereas Emulator works fine. (Same Phone works on other laptops)

Any help?

Just a point to note, the laptop is shared by different users and i have setup everything from my account.
Eclipse is opened by another user and he connects the mobile device. he is able to view emulators on DDMS but not the real device.

Its a big hurdle. Can you please help?

Install pdanet software on real device and laptop it will create a MTP connection and phone will appear in DDMS …

pdanet app on android phone
pdanet windows installer on laptop


I hope you have enabled developer option in real devices and ticked on debug mode.

Thanks Guys for the response!

Installing device speicfic drivers worked. But why should we install specific drivers for each device?

pdanet also did same it install device specific driver based on device manufacturer

Not sure it might be because every device manufacturer may be establishing MTP connection in a different way based on there hardware configuration.