Unable to enter the value in text filed in Android

Hi All…

Iam facing an issue in entering values in a list of text fields where the text is adding in first field and values are not getting added to the following fields… and other issue is the ‘side menu bar’ is getting selected while entering values in the first text field

please have a look in to the attached screen shot …

iam looking forward to get the solution for switching to each field (using TAB kind)…

Thanks .

Would you be willing to post your code?

Hi Thanks @willosser… i got the issue fixed with android key event code… one more thing, there are a common method which i created for swipUp if the expected element is not displayed / till the element displays…

the method is working fine when it run alone… so there is no issue in specified xpath

can you please look into the code below…

public void scrollTillElementFind(WebElement elm) throws InterruptedException
if(elm.isDisplayed()== true)

			MobileElement elm2 = (MobileElement)driver.findElement(By.className("android.widget.EditText"));
			elm2.swipe(SwipeElementDirection.UP, 12000);

In the ruby client there is a method to get the text box element passing the text which it has inside, example that I use:

container = textfield("Middle Name")

(Also in ruby there is a method to get the texts dinamically depending on the device’s language, so the test can rest strong including if you use the texts)