Unable to execute the automation test case written using "XCUITest" in iOS 8.3 devices

I have a device of 8.3 in which I have executed test cases earlier using Appium 1.4.3(Appium as automationName) and i was successful at it, Now I wanted to have a trial the same test cases on the latest iOS 10 version so made the changes in the code for Appium like setting the Appium as “automationName: XCUITest” and was successful at launching the application.

here are my observations:

  1. How to invoke Instruments, I know Appium 1.6.0(Beta3) does not have instrumentation, But please suggest us what is the practical way to identify the elements in the iOS Applications. Because until and unless we know how the element structure looks like we can not proceed further.

I have read it somewhere to go through the page elements , this is very cumbersome process or Appium 1.6.0 supports same structure of the old one.

Please suggest us the best possible way.