Unable to find element for IOS app for particular screen


I am using IOS app for automating through appium. In some screens I am unable to find any elements present in that particular screen. As discussed with developer, they have added accessibility ID in all the elements. Still when I am trying to inspect that particular screens no hierarchy and tags are present. Also we have tried to search the elements through script using accessibility id, still unable to identify the objects. Could you please suggest what more work around will be helpful.


@Bhagyashree_Panigrah first share:

  1. result of ‘driver.getPageSource()’ on needed screen (pls NOT in forum but outside link e.g. to https://gist.github.com/)
  2. image of screen


Please find the screenshot of the appium inspector view while spying on the particular screen.

@Bhagyashree_Panigrah it is not result of “result of ‘driver.getPageSource()’”. AppiumGUI can be wrong.

Also does your app NATIVE? or maybe Web wrapped?

@Bhagyashree_Panigrah Which version of Appium you are using?

Appium version - 1.10.0

OK then it should work. Previous versions of appium was having issues with inspecting Hybrid app but in latest appium it works fine. Is your app is native or Hybrid?

Hi Aleksei,

Please find result from appium console for driver.getPageSouce()

Also it is a Native app and from the eclipse console I do not get any error message.

It is a Native app. Also I have mentioned the driver.getsourcePage in the previous message.

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@Bhagyashree_Panigrah wow. now we see 193 sec in response = pageSource is too large. Does this page contains many elements?

Yes, it contains list of records. Is is feasible to identify the object in any way?

@Bhagyashree_Panigrah try with same screen BUT with min possible number of objects. If it helps -> ask dev to reduce number of object in list. Load objects while user scrolling down.

I had a discussion with developer they have already implemented the loading object on scrolling. Is there any other way around?

I am also facing the same issue, pages with lots of element is not identifiable in iOS.

Any solution here?

Is there any way to load only the elements visible in appium through capability.

Did anyone find a solution to themis problem?

Anyone find a solution? I am seeing that if I use


it returns no elements even though the element is there in the inspector. In addition, if I put a break point and step through things everything works fine.

I am using java client 8.3.

Did anyone find the solution. I am also facing this issue

Any solution for this issue. I am having issue with iOS app. A few elements I am able to locate and a few are not in the same page. I need to locate field lable to scroll to element to enter text but it’s not working. Can someone help?