Unable to find element in selenium

Unable to locate element in IE using any type of selectors for selenium.
Tried explicit wait and also Java script executor code also

Hi, Please add more info,code,screenshots and description here so that we can identify the actual cause

a class=“MT_0 LfSbLnk MT_1 L2 MT_11 WtLnk dBg2 MT_7” id=“MTt6” style=“font-size: 1em;” onclick=“javascript:TreeView_SelectNode(MT_Data, this,‘MTt6’);” href=“javascript:MT_Sel(“MTt6”);openIframe(‘iframe1’,’…/Engineering/TES/TimeEntry.aspx’,‘My Personals’,‘Time Sheet’,‘My Personals’,0,1);” target="_self">Time Sheet

This is the page content that I need to click and I tried using id xpath but unable to find element.