Unable to find_element previously found elements after editing the text

Hey there,
This may be edge-case and app specific–
Steps to reproduce:
I call find_element(using Id)
and then I use a pop-up(non-native popup) to change the values a bit; text as far as I can tell is the only change on inspection.
Then when I try to call find_element on the same element that I just did(by id) it cannot locate it.
Also, I cannot find_element on anything on that page until I switch screens.
I can still call touchactions on the screen and click points and such.

I’m using Android Appium with Ruby.
I’m also pretty new to the tool so I may not be explaining it great, so if anyone has questions to clarify my question I would be happy to elaborate.

So I did a quick and dirty fix for this that was basically just pop the recent apps button twice. It seems to refresh the elements for appium on the emulator. Let me know if that works for anyone else. Not sure if this is even an issue on physical devices.