Unable to find GeneralServerFlag.UIID in java-client-4.1.2.jar

The problem

Unable to find GeneralServerFlag.UIID in java-client-4.1.2.jar when trying to start appium server programmatically using AppiumServiceBuilder class


Appium version —
Desktop OS/version used to run Appium: Windows 10
Node.js version (unless using Appium.app|exe): v0.12.7
Mobile platform/version under test: Android 4.4.2,5.0.2,4.3,5.0
Real device or emulator/simulator: GalaxyNote III, Tab A, Tab3, NoteIII
Appium CLI or Appium.app|exe: java-client-4.1.2.jar,gson-2.7.jar

I am planning to start appium server programmatically using AppiumServiceBuilder class by following the instructions from the link https://github.com/saikrishna321/TestNGParallelThreads/blob/master/src/test/java/com/test/classes/AppiumServer.java#L43. Surprisingly when I try to give the value of device ID I am not able to get the value of GeneralServerFlag.UIID when I try to check for existing values in GeneralServerFlag class I unable to find UIID. I need this value to start the service of my appium server. If I don’t supply this value parallel execution will not happen but the script will execute in only one device which is recognized by adb(information from lots of forums) hence I desperately need the value of UIID. I found an alternative of starting appium server through commands but I am not interested as AppiumServiceBuilder/AppiumDriverLocalService seems to work excellent in all environments for the concept of starting appium server programatically. I tried to find the content of java-client-4.1.2.jar but unable to find alternative for UIID hence someone please provide a solution as I have been completely stuck here

Link to Appium logs

Create a gist which is a paste of your full Appium logs, and link them here. Do not paste your full Appium logs here, as it will make this issue very long and hard to read! If you are reporting a bug, always include Appium logs!

Code To Reproduce Issue [ Good To Have ]

service = AppiumDriverLocalService.buildService ( new AppiumServiceBuilder ( ).usingDriverExecutable ( new File (
appiumInstalledDirectory +
File.separator + “node.exe” ) )
.withAppiumJS ( new File (
appiumInstalledDirectory +
File.separator + File.separator + “node_modules” + File.separator + “appium” + File.separator + “bin” + File.separator + “appium.js” ) )
.withIPAddress ( AppiumServiceBuilder.DEFAULT_LOCAL_IP_ADDRESS )
.usingPort ( Integer.valueOf ( port ) )
.withArgument ( GeneralServerFlag.SESSION_OVERRIDE )
.withArgument ( AndroidServerFlag.BOOTSTRAP_PORT_NUMBER ,
AppiumServerStartStop.nextFreePort ( )
.toString ( ) )
.withArgument ( GeneralServerFlag.LOG_LEVEL ,
“debug” )
.withLogFile ( new File (
new File (
classpathRoot , File.separator +
“log” ) , “androidLog.txt” ) ) ) ;