Unable to get Android Coverage of Application using Appium

I have setup my Application project with the steps given in the following link : http://appium.io/slate/en/v1.0.0/?java#android-coverage
I added the capability of androidCoverage and a function of endTestCoverage to end my coverage.
Appium trues to launch as suggested by the links and finishes but is unable to get the coverage reports.

Here are snippets for the androidCoverage capability:

capabilities.setCapability(“androidCoverage”, “com.projectName.xmobile/com.projectName.xmobile.instrumentation.MyInstrumentation”);

and for the endCoverage function:

driver.endTestCoverage(“com.projectName.xmobile.END_EMMA”, “/mnt/sdcard/coverage.ec”);

Note: I have two projects

  1. The application project: The project which has the application code.
  2. The Appium project: Project which contains all the tests of appium.