Unable to get mobile page on Appium Desktop(v1.7.1) to find locators

I have multiple pages on my Native App. I can able to access all pages but for page, Appium desktop unable to recognize that page & unable to get screenshot of that page to find locators.
If I click some where on Mobile page & refresh Appium Desktop, then I’m getting screenshot of that mobile page on Appium Desktop to find the locators.

When I run my Appium Tests (for Android), it is failing when we navigate to that particular page & getting “NoSuchElementException”

@vas I am also facing same issue, not able to identify first page element when running some test case for second time on emulator

Can you try the same thing with uiautomatorviewer.bat, cause I have the same issue with my HYBRID app?
Only if I select some input box and then take another screenshot to locate elements, only then I am able to see all the elements on that page.