Unable to get the invisible web elements of same class in Mobile App screen using List<Webelement>

In My Mobile App, I have 12 web elements in a screen having same class name. But 6 are displayed in my mobile screen by default, if you scroll down then the other elements will be displayed. I have used List,size() methods to get all the elements of that class, but it is showing only 6 elements which are visible in the mobile screen even size is displayed as 6. Could you please help me on how to get all the web elements in a single list (including Invisible elements).
Please reply ASAP.


is i iOS or Android (i guess Android :-))

if it is Android = you can get only number of elements in list visible on screen and the only workaround identify each element in list as unique (e.g. name test data in your application like Cell 1, Cell 2 and so on. swipe to last cell and read it value.)

It is ok for static data. If you need to verify the dynamic elements then please let me the procedure.

In IOS, Is it able to detect invisible elements also??

Did you get any solution to this issue yet? I am facing same issue for my app