Unable to give Input on screen overlay from some other app

Hi All,

I am trying to automate some flow in one app(say X), but in one of the page another app (say Y, which is also SDK for app X) gives pop-up(soft keyboard) to ask input.

I am unable to give input as no element is read, also on giving coordinate based inputs flow is getting passed but no input is entered

maybe tap on input (or element visible instead) first and input + keyboard will appear?

So screen is something like this : background is the app which I am automating and on foreground the PIN entry is from SDK.

I am trying with give coordinate based inputs, step is getting passed but no input on device

Ah … you need tap on keyboard with such screens instead. I have met similar and made to search numbers 1,2,3… and tap on them.

The keyboard control itself must be accessible in order to interact with it using UiAutomator. Also, it could be that this control is shown in its own window. Then changing enableMultiWindows setting to true might help.